Smart Casual Dentistry Σymposium


Dear colleagues,

We are very glad to have the opportunity to invite you to the 1st Smart Casual Dentistry Symposium jointly organised by Οmnipress and ICOI Hellas on 13-15 October 2017 in Athens. (Conference Centre of Ethniki Asfalistiki)

It is going to be a novel conference that, besides imparting scientific information to the participants, thanks to the world renowned speakers invited to it, it also aims at creating a different atmosphere, less formal and more friendly and “casual”.

Participants, speakers and the commercial world will be invited to jointly participate in a series of “happenings” and social events that will be organised with the purpose of enabling people to get to know each other better, exchange ideas and have a good time.

Τhe “Upcoming Faces Podium” is yet another important novelty whereby promising Greek and foreign speakers will make presentations and compete in an effort to bring “new blood” and ideas to the forefront of our science.

A day before (Thursday 12/10) and a day after (Sunday 15/10) the main program of the conference, interesting workshops and hands on sessions shall take place.

The 1st SCDS shall certainly be a special event in the world of dentistry and we will be delighted to join up together with you all on this occasion.

Ilia Roussou & Constantinos D. Valavanis

The excellence in Dental Education